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Beginning Your Property Search

Somewhere out there is a seller who wants to sell a home as badly as you want to buy one.  First you have to decide what you want most in a property.  Create yourself a personalized “ideal house profile.”  Simply write down:

  • Features that you can’t live without, such as a good school district, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or accessibility to public transportation.
  • Features that you hope for, but that aren’t crucial, such as a fireplace, a separate laundry room, and walking distance to shops.
  • Features that are “absolute no ways,” meaning you know you’ll forever be sorry if you buy a house that has them. These tend to be location problems (which can’t be fixed), such as location at the top of a hill, in a flood zone, in a lousy school district, or in a high-crime/noise area.

As you speak with your agent and visit properties, keep your list in mind.  It’s okay to fall in love with a house even if it doesn’t meet all of the requirements on your list.  You should feel good living there, and it will be an expression of you and your lifestyle.  Just watch out that you don’t make an impulsive purchase — always keep the important categories from your checklist in mind.  For more information on deciding what you want in a house, contact Robert.